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We find – while others still keep searching

The candidate market for technology and IT experts seems to be virtually empty? Not for us. We open up potentials that remain hidden to others – at all levels of experience, on time or in permanent employment.

Permanent Employment

Your company expands, opens up new business fields or markets – but you can’t engage the IT and technology experts in the team that you need to permanently keep critical know-how and key competencies within the company to ensure a sustainable future?


You have been looking for experienced and assertive executives and managers at C-level for quite some time, who are enthusiastic about their visions – but can also be measured by their actions and achievements?


Do you need IMMEDIATELY qualified and experienced IT and technology experts who can quickly and flexibly take on temporary projects and complete them as desired, without placing a heavy strain on your HR budget?

Find and retain IT and technology specialists for permanent employment

Building, enriching and consolidating internal IT and technology expertise is becoming more and more important in the course of the progressive digitization of all economic and social sectors. Taking into acount a steadily growing demand for highly qualified IT and technology specialists across all industries, the focus is on securing long-term employee loyalty in order to counteract and prevent the consequences of the “brain drain”, the departure of existentially important people. Therefore, it is not only important to find well-versed IT and technology experts, but also to keep them in the company in the long term.

Know-how, trust, motivation and continuity

Reef Resourcing has been pursuing a recruiting strategy based on longevity and mutual trust. We have been accompanying a large number of IT and technology experts for many years – often right from the start in their career – and are intensively maintaining our broad contact network. In this way, we keep in touch with sought-after IT and technology experts who are not available to the free market. General conditions are changing, people are developing personally and professionally.

Regular communication, the establishment of an “update culture” and, last but not least, personal interest in the candidates careers ensure that we always have an up-to-date overview of potential IT and technology experts and their respective skill level. In combination with a detailed requirement profile, which we can work out with you, we only present you high potentials, which fit professionally and personally very well into your company and the corporate culture.

Without detours and delays to the right candidate

Careful preparation, permanent and comprehensive networking as well as that focus on current and future trends and needs form the basis of our matching successes. You benefit directly from our philosophy, save yourself unnecessary time and expenses and simply select your “right” employee from the shortlist of our prequalified candidates. Our high matching quotas, that we continuously achieve, mean that the candidates feel comfortable with you and his employment in the long term and are not willing to change. The risk of loosing IT and technology know-how is considerably reduced thanks to our proven approach.

Find executives and interim managers

Positions at senior level in your company should never be left vacant for a long time. When it comes to executive roles, today, management responsibility no longer includes the hierarchical “downgrading” of tasks, but empathetic and inspiring leadership as a positive role model.

Do not compromise!

The urgency of a prompt placement of the right fit is therefore beyond doubt important. Nevertheless in this narrow personnel market companies only receive very limited applications of suitable candidates. This cross-industry bottleneck may lead one or the other manager to adjust and compromise on their expectations. We advise against this approach and support you comprehensively and proactively in your selection process.

Discreet, responsible – and successful

Thanks to forward-thinking ground work and the continuous care of our contact network also on executive and C-level we can access personalities who are aware of their responsibility as role models and future shapers, who combine strategic planning and hands-on mentality with measurable successes. This exclusive candidate pool is made up of above-average talented and capable individuals who feel personally connected to our team of internationally dedicated IT Recruitment Consultants. Accordingly, our approach is respectful and discreet, and as a result, we are able to short list quickly and precisely suitable candidates – and as a company you benefit from this trustful relations-ship.

Freelancers - find external IT and technology experts

Very demanding tasks or short-term projects – often can only be successfully completed with the support of external IT and technology specialists. Finding the right experts for the upcoming challenges but also within the shortest possible time has become a difficult task for many companies, both on a national and international level. We gladly do this job for you. Our international, multilingual team gets started right away after you have been giving us your assignment, activates regional networks and approaches selected experts. Our IT recruitment consultants use state-of-the-art communication tools and recruiting methods, know exactly what is important and are always aware of the tight time frame.

Teams or individuals, immediately or next quarter

We will put together a selection of suitable candidates that exactly meet your criteria and requested skills. It is not unusual that requirements change during a recruiting process, or new project conditions emerge, which we can cover very quickly. Of course your time requirements decisively determine our approach – if there is an urgent need, we will “deliver” qualified and available IT and technology experts even within 24 hours. Our head office in Hamburg works very closely with our branch office in Dusseldorf.

The constant presence in these two metropolises – and designated IT hotspots – allows us to contact potential IT / technology freelancers with astonishing speed and without any frictional losses, and to find out their availability immediately. Of course, we also take care of the entire administrative overhead and also pay attention to the legal requirements.

Implement digital transformation or avoid capacity constraints

In order not to stagnate on the global market, no industry or niche can escape the challenges of digital transformation. However, it should also be taken into account that the core business does not get out of focus. This can be done with the help of external IT / technology consultants or digitization specialists. But also, companies that deal with IT or technology topics as their main business can fill short-term high demand with freelancers. In particular our long-term clients ask for our know-how and experience, thus avoiding unnecessary research time and administrative work and ensuring the best possible success for their project.