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You are looking for a great job?
We find you a greater one.

At present, if you are an IT and technology expert, you normally don’t have to search long for a new challenge – but the devil is sometimes in the detail…

Permanent position

At first sight, almost every second company – regardless of industry and business focus – seems to be looking for IT and technology experts. But actually, the offers and conditions differ considerably. Which employer really suits you best? We find it out quickly! Furthermore, we offer you options that remain closed to your competitors – we look after numerous, particularly interesting job offers in an exclusive mandate. These are neither advertised nor offered on other channels. Please approach us directly …


As an IT executive, when changing jobs you should make sure that you do not sell yourself below value and find a company where you have real creative freedom. Taking over a new role, in our understanding, must always be accompanied by a significant improvement. How this progress can look exactly, we can find out with you in a detailed conversation – you are welcome to contact us at any time…


As a IT and technology freelancer, acquiring new clients and projects completely on your own costs valuable time on the one hand, which you could get paid for, and on the other, stress and effort that nobody pays you. We are more than happy to do this for you.

As an IT and technology expert find the permanent position that really enhances your career prospects

IT and technology specialists at all levels of experience and skill are desperately sought by many companies, and the market situation is allegedly becoming increasingly tense. At first glance, open vacancies differ little, but considerably in detail. Many of our job vacancies are not publicly advertised – our experienced IT Recruitment Consultants carefully and proactively match your career aspirations with the respective job profiles. We put a lot of emphasis on making it fit for both sides on the long term. If, in your present position, you do not perceive the desired development or creative potential or are generally no longer comfortable in the current work environment, we can often help you in a timely manner, based on our extensive and extremely trustworthy network.

The right person at the right place at the right time …

“The” perfect job does not exist. Finding the one position that makes your occupation to your vocation always requires a number of factors: you will feel completely comfortable and can achieve your goals when your qualification and experience background matches the needs of your new employer, when you can communicate well with the entire team on the same professional “wavelength” and when your duties and responsibilities are still exciting, inspiring and fulfilling, even years later. In order to be able to tick all boxes, careful and comprehensive groundwork is required, which we are pleased to take care of for you. We know your wishes, needs, career plans and familiarize ourselves with your motivations and work ethics. With us your personal data is always kept very confidential, because we will only make your data available to our client if you have given us your explicit consent. Of course, we assure you of the strictest confidentiality at all times and on all communication levels. Of course, we also
consider your blocking notices or other categorical restrictions when choosing a new challenge. Get in contact now – even if you are not quite sure if and when you might want to change your current position…

Find a new challenge as an executive or interim manager

Especially responsible – and in particular highly paid – management or C-level positions that actually meet your personal requirements normally don`t come up in the job section of your daily newspaper or on relevant job portals. On this level it requires intuition, empathy and most of all discretion.

Discretion as a matter of course, …

Are you looking for a new job that matches your skills, talent and personal goals? We are at your disposal with all due discretion and professionalism. Reef Resourcing is tailored exactly to your requirements, we coordinate our recruiting activities closely with you and keep you up to date on suitable vacancies. We have carefully built up our network over the years, cultivating confidential connections to decision-makers at all levels of the hierarchy, and therefore, we can determine very precisely in advance which vacancy matches your career aspirations. Your personal contact knows your career goals, preferences and “No-go’s” and always keeps them in mind for all considerable positions.

…above-average service to your satisfaction

On this basis, we present you with our job offers, while we only present your profile to our clients if you show interest in the respective company and authorize us accordingly. In this area – of course too – you always have everything in control, and we have established well-harmonized internal processes in order to guarantee the necessary discretion at all times. During the entire process we aim to exceed your high expectations in us as an executive recruiting agency.

As a freelancer find lucrative IT and technology jobs

Your core competence is in the IT and technology area – and not in the acquisition of technically and financially attractive medium to long-term project engagements? Then you should outsource this area to professionals who have been successfully bringing clients and freelancers together since 2011. Reef Resourcing pursues a proven trustworthy and sustainable strategy. Like most of our corporate and candidate contacts, we prefer a long-term and fair cooperation, keep each other up to date, and respond quickly and with flexibility also to highly challenging and time-critical requests. In your interest, we take care of your project assignments ensuring the best possible conditions and a high degree of planning reliability and payment security.

To get the best out of the high demand for IT and technology experts

In fact, we have been monitoring a steady increase in demand for IT and technology freelancers for years now. With appropriate expertise, you can profit considerably from this market situation – if you find the right client for you. In our experience, however, the devil is in the detail here: If you do not know the actual conditions at the place of work or do not have direct and trustworthy connections to the project managers and decision-makers, there is a risk that your expectations will not be met.

We support you in this difficult orientation phase with our many years of know-how – and in particular with our trusting and close relationship to numerous contact persons in relevant positions. So, you do not risk “to be thrown in at the deep end” and you can focus on your area of responsibility right from the start.

One contact person – and one reliable confidant

You will get to know your personal contact right from the start – and with that only one point of contact to easily create a long-term, appreciative and trusting cooperation. Both sides benefit from this approach: You do not have to worry about the time-consuming research of really suitable offers, in return we can quickly and reliably recommend candidates to our clients who have our complete confidence. Therefore, we look forward to you contacting us!