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Lean company with a clear focus.

As a proven specialist for IT and technology experts, we have aligned our corporate structure and our core competencies exactly to your requirements – regardless of whether you are searching or want to be found…


What drives us, what qualifies us, how do we proceed? Learn more about the company Reef Resourcing, our international background and our recruiting consultants and associates.


In our experience, a clear philosophy greatly facilitates the focus on service for a company, without losing sight of the interests of the employees – and ensures a consistently top quality advice.

Career at Reef

In order to bring together the best candidates and the best companies, we clearly  also count on the best employees. We regularly look for professional Recruitment Consultants, take care of above-average career development and training opportunities and an attractive work environment.

Cosmopolitan as a matter of principle

Since 2011, we have been bringing successfully together highly qualified IT and technology experts with innovative and progressive companies. Our headquarters in Hamburg – the “gateway to the world” – acts as a central hub of our numerous and long grown connections in different regions, to various individuals, companies and organizations. The professional background of our recruiting consultants and associates have consistently diverse experiences and career paths spread across the globe. We always speak the native language of our candidates and corporate customers, are well versed with the regional and cultural conditions or restrictions and guarantee with our extensive network that we remain close to respective market events.

Experts find Experts

Continuous, careful and appreciative networking always pays off: right from the beginning we invested a lot of time and commitment in building and maintaining a global contact network, dealt intensively with the special challenges of the personnel market for IT and technology experts and brought the qualifications of our employees to levels well above the industry average. The combination of long-term approach, reliability and fair cooperation constitutes the basis of our advisory and agency services. Transparency of the processes and structures, discretion in personal interaction: these fundamental values have been internalized by our recruiting consultants from the first day in the team of Reef Resourcing – and brining it to life everyday.

The three fundamental pillars of our philosophy:
quality, quality, quality

We distinguish quality in consulting, quality as an expression of deep and trustworthy partnership and quality of success through comprehensive and careful preparation. In order to adapt all three areas to our high standards, we think and act long-term, courteous, cautious and forward-thinking. We treat the assignments given to us as advance trust, which we will under no circumstances disappoint – we rather turn down revenue or new business.

Quality advice

The entire team of Reef Resourcing works exclusively on qualified projects / job offers or on direct and / or exclusive assignments by the respective companies / organizations. This very clear and transparent basis of activity guarantees that we always have very comprehensive and accurate information and can tailor our consulting / placement services to their precise application. Our statements, recommendations and consultations therefore always are legit and are based on reliable first sources. If we are not one hundred percent sure about a given issue, we’d better forego a statement before risking the wrong conclusions or promises.

Quality as the expression of deep trust based on partnership

Without a reliable and repeatedly proven basis of trust, all further activities and consequences run the risk of becoming obsolete sooner or later. In our opinion, trust and discretion are among the essential basics for successful and long-term recruitment work. We therefore strongly distance ourselves from the practices of some “black sheep’s” who want to send CVs unsolicited and without consent or ask for completely inappropriate fees for dubious “services”.

Quality of success through comprehensive and careful preparation

You know it from school or university: If you do your homework diligent and at an early stage, you avoid getting caught on the wrong foot. Maximum flexibility does not mean relying on a meaningless or at least vague database. Improvisation cannot always be avoided – but it is much easier, if you can rest assured that the basics were done as expected. Our long-term customers also appreciate it very much that we do not rest on our basis of mutual trust, we go the extra mile every day again.

We are looking for the best employees in order to find the best candidates

On the one hand our quality standards are based on the high expectations of our customers, but on the other hand they are based on a special corporate image: Since 2011, as an internationally successful recruitment agency for IT and technology experts, we expand and grow due to the professional skills of our recruiting consultants and associates. We offer our employees above-average self-responsibility and greater freedom of choice- and of course also provide many individual opportunities for further advancement.

Our main office in Hamburg – gateway to the world – and our other office in Dusseldorf, in Germany’s most densely populated state, offers state-of-the-art and inspiring workplaces, a thorough initial training as well as a wide range of further education and training opportunities. In addition, you profit from further benefits and career perspectives, which we would like to explain to you in a personal conversation.

If you are a successful and motivated recruitment consultant, you should progress your career at Reef Resourcing – we look forward to your application!